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    The Hair Habits Of Girls with Enviable Locks

    February 11, 2016

February 11, 2016

The Hair Habits Of Girls with Enviable Locks



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A couple of weeks ago I was standing in the line at the grocery store and the lady in front of me had the most ridiculous hair. Long, glossy, perfect natural looking waves in this incredible auburn color. Ariel the mermaid type hair.


It took everything I had not to reach out and touch it, like a complete creeper. So when she caught me staring I began to gush about how beautiful her locks were before interrogating her with quick fire questions about her hair care regimen embarrassing her, and myself, in dramatic fashion.


You see ‘hair envy’ is a serious affliction. And I suffer from it to a serious degree.


Episodes such as my recent meltdown in the grocery store have becoming an all too frequent occurrence, so in order to give myself a shot as similarly breathtaking tresses, I set about researching the haircare habits that all luscious-locked ladies have in common.


Here is what i discovered…


Vary Your Product Routine 
Scores of women swear that switching up their hair care products, especially shampoo, is the key to keeping your hair happy. And here’s why. Certain products, along with environmental factors, cause build up in your hair that can make it limp and lackluster. Many of us are guilty of not actually washing the shampoo out of our hair properly, either – a process that should take a minimum of 30-60 seconds under a constant stream of clean water. Our hair also has different needs depending on the climate, so our products should change with the seasons to protect it from the sun, heat, cold etc. For tips on choosing the right shampoo for your hair, check out this awesome article.


Get Regular Trims 
I am majorly bad at this one and before my last trim, I had not set foot in a hair salon for 18 months!!!! No lie. Unsurprisingly, my hair stylist was horrified by what she found sitting in front of her. But getting a trim every 3 to 6 months is vital to prevent ratchet split ends that, if left unattended, can damage your hair further up the shaft. Meaning that eventually you will have to get a much more extensive cut to get your hair back to being healthy. And the lob is sooo last season.


Eat A Healthy Diet 
Usually when you see a girl with envy inducing hair, she usually has incredible skin too. And this is because her gorgeous hair, and skin, was nurtured from within. Eating a balanced, healthy diet really is key to having lusted after locks. Check out our story on what to eat for super healthy hair, here.


Easy on the Brushing
We have all heard that old wives tale that you should be brushing your hair 100 times before bed. But this is a complete myth, people. And one that could actually do your hair more harm than good. Over brushing your hair actually causes breakage and split ends as well as over stimulating the oil glands in your scalp leading to dull, flat and greasy strands. Eeew. No thanks. A friend of mine who has legit Victoria’s Secret hair recently told me that she can go for days without brushing her hair. But while I wouldn’t recommend leaving your hair until it turns into dreads, limiting the amount you brush it will definitely help in the long run.
Oh and invest in some decent brushes that won’t snag or break your hair. We love these. And this.


Reduce the amount you shampoo
Every single person I have spoken to who has healthy hair past their shoulders has told me that they do NOT wash their hair everyday. In fact, many of them only lather up a couple of times a week. While this may send some of you into a greased up tailspin, over washing can strip your hair of its natural oils, making your hair dry and brittle, or even force your hair to overcompensate, sending oil production into overdrive and making your hair greasier than it started out. Your hair does not need to be ‘squeaky’ clean. Try cutting down to washing every other day to begin with and spritz a bit of dry shampoo on your roots on non-washing days to minimize any oils.


Deep Condition Weekly 
Hair myth numero dos: gals with greasy hair don’t need to use conditioner. Ugh, if I had a dime…
Seriously ladies, do NOT listen to people who speak such drivel. The subjects of your hair envy do not just condition their hair each time they shampoo, they also spend time, once a week, to treat their hair to a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning will add moisture back into the strands of your hair making them healthier, stronger and more glossy. It will also help to reduce you color fading. Wonderful!
Such treatments do not need to cost a fortune either. If the fancy new Kerastase product is out of your price range our trusty favorite, coconut oil, works just as well. Slick onto dry hair, place in a messy pile on the top of your head, cover with a shower cap and leave for an hour. Or if you can, leave overnight. Shampoo thoroughly, and you will be left with smooth and shiny strands that feel and look like Gisele’s. You can thank me later.


Protect Your Hair From The Sun 
Smart girls, and those with amazing hair, know that it isn’t just your skin that needs to be protected from the sun’s damaging rays. And while beach waves are sexy, spending too much time baking your barnet can lead to dry, weak and brittle hair that is more susceptible to breakage. The sun is also capable of changing your hair’s color, as it does your skin, except it has the opposite effect and will lighten your locks, not darken them. This is a nightmare if you spend your hard earned cash on getting regular colorings. Another thing to consider is your scalp and hairline – areas that we regularly miss when applying sunscreen and ones that burn just as easily as the rest of your body. To protect your tresses and scalp, cover up with a wide brimmed hat and try a leave-in conditioner that contains UV protection.


Stop Playing
Twirling your hair around your finger might look sexy to the guy across the bar, but sadly the more you touch and play with your hair, the more damage you are doing it. Playing leads to split ends and breakage not to mention the fact that your hands are covered in dirt and oils that then transfer to your hair making it dirty.
Dozens of gals that we spoke to professed to being hair fiddlers – from running their hands through it obsessively to stretching it out strand by strand – but interestingly the ones with the lush lengths make a point to avoid such activities.

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